Mediations in a Post-COVID World

As the legal field and corporations have adapted to virtual business, it is unlikely that a return to strictly in-person mediations will occur when the pandemic subsides. This reality, however, does not pose a disadvantage to handling and settling cases well. M&G attorney’s Henry Deneen, Ron Diegel, and Anthony Livotti provide a few best practices to consider with remote mediations.

Remain flexible. Knowing that there are going to be more interruptions and scheduling issues will help individuals maintain a positive approach, which is essential for a healthy mindset.

Practice professionalism. Efficient and adequate logistical support, a strong wifi and internet service, can prevent the embarrassing repercussions of being dropped from a virtual meeting. This may require working from an office, not a home. Sharing cell phone numbers, when possible, for all attendees can help mitigate this frustration if a connection is lost.

Be prepared. If you are presenting at a mediation, take time prior to meeting to learn how to screen share, use the virtual platform correctly, and test the technology.