Founding partner J.R. Murphy recently delivered a session on “Building Christian Culture” at the 2022 Coastal Charitable Classic, sponsored by Emmaus Road Partners (ERP). 

Murphy explained the primary pillars for MG’s positive culture include:

  1. PURPOSE – an organization must pursue a purpose that is bigger than the organization itself.   Purpose transcends profits and business success.  While MG has a stated mission to provide high quality legal services with uncompromising integrity, the ultimate goal is to positively influence the world – the community around MG,  the legal profession, and other worthy causes aligned with the firm’s values. 
  2. VALUES – integrity, relationships, and excellence must be pursued by all persons in the organization. 
  3. PEOPLE – leaders who relate to the  people in the  organization as people and not solely based on their performance, create a positive culture that stimulates higher levels of performance. 

J.R. Murphy is “deeply grateful for the difference David and Twig’s influence has made on his life”. ERP exists to help Christian ministries thrive by providing advice, support, funding, expertise and encouragement. ERP has the unique ability to combine missional objectives with high standards of performance for any organization, including those who want to nurture a Christian culture within a for-profit business model.