United Nations
The following excerpt is from a post coauthored by Murphy & Grantland attorney Elliott Daniels on the The Global Justice Blog. The blog, from Amb. Mark P. Logan at the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, “addresses ethics, international law, and human rights in today’s fractured world.”

When President-elect Trump improbably picked Nikki Haley, a onetime critic, to be U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, questions emerged: What could this southern Governor have to offer the UN? Turns out, a lot.

A look back on the instincts she showed as Governor of South Carolina may give a preview of what we can expect out of Haley at the UN…

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Elliott B. Daniels is a civil defense attorney who is committed to his pro bono practice. He has been a member of the S.C. Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Task Force since 2012. Prior to law school at George Washington University, he worked in Washington, D.C. and abroad in the international development and human rights fields.