Congratulations on making Partner to Megan N. Walker and Cordes B. Kennedy. Kennedy has worked with M&G since his undergrad when he served as a file clerk. According to Founder and Managing Shareholder J.R. Murphy, “it has been a privilege to watch Kennedy grow into who he is today as a seasoned and skilled attorney.” Murphy added, “Kennedy is straightforward in his approach and courteous, which is very effective with other attorneys, the court, and jury.” Shareholder Raymond Moore describes Kennedy as having “an outstanding intellect, energy, and creative insight to resolving cases.” 

Walker, according to Murphy, possesses a “depth of knowledge of insurance issues that not many coverage attorneys have, as well as outstanding writing skills.  Just in the last week, two of the cases she briefed in the Supreme Court came back with favorable results. The positive impact of those results extends beyond our clients to the insurance industry at large. Her ability to understand and explain complex issues both to clients and to courts with her writing is a skill that few possess.”  

M&G is privileged to welcome Walker and Kennedy as Partners.

Megan N. Walker
Megan N. WalkerPartner
Cordes B. Kennedy
Cordes B. KennedyPartner