Two of Murphy & Grantland’s newest employees, Jessica Lorenzetti and Brittany Roberts, recently attended The South Carolina Defense Trial Attorneys’ Association (SCDTAA) Women in Law/Diversity & Inclusion Seminar. The goal of the seminar was to highlight important discussions surrounding inclusion in the legal field and practical tips for female attorneys.

Jay Thompson, Murphy & Grantland Shareholder and member of SCDTAA Board of Directors, moderated a panel discussion titled “The Courtroom Through My Eyes.” The panel focused on the various backgrounds individuals have that influence their perceptions of the legal field in South Carolina. Even with implicit biases, being intentional, self-aware, and maintaining healthy communications are some of the ways to work towards inclusion on an individual and firm level.  

Another panel discussion provided tips for marketing as a female attorney, stressing the importance of communication and setting practical goals. Going the extra mile by stepping into leadership roles, writing publications, or participating in speaking engagements is essential. 

The seminar concluded with a speaker presentation on how the recent United States Supreme Court Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision would change various areas of law in South Carolina, including some of the practice areas at Murphy & Grantland. These areas may include insurance law, employment law, medical malpractice, family law, and Constitutional law. There might also be conflicts of law implications if a case involves parties of various jurisdictions. 

A valuable insight for Roberts was the significance of being a good communicator in the legal profession. “Whether you are interviewing new hires for your firm, talking with attorneys in or outside your circle, or marketing to potential clients, it is important to be intentional, authentic, and socially aware.” For Lorenzetti, she resonated with the emphasis placed on taking time to get to know people. Lorenzetti explained, “there is much to be gained by listening to others and learning from their experiences, wisdom, and insight. At the same time, by being authentic, you can provide wisdom and insight to others in a way that serves them well”.