Operations Officer, Erich Crowson, was recently interviewed for the Association of Legal Administrators’ (ALA) 2022 publication, Legal Management. “An Honest Conversation About Alcohol in Legal” was written by senior managing editor Valerie A. Danner, with the goal of helping firms assess the role alcohol has in their organization in order to build healthier firm cultures. According to Danner, “firms would be remiss to promote workplace wellness, while not considering the impact of alcohol in their culture”. 

Peter Rubinas, Regional Coordinator of SMART Recovery, explains in the article the “cycle of stressful work and overconsumption of alcohol can lead to burnout, decreased performance and impaired healthy interactions among co-workers, not to mention the potential impacts at home.” 

Crowson explains that when Murphy & Grantland began in 1997, alcohol was not a centerpiece of workplace social functions and remains that way today. Non-alcohol related activities the firm enjoys include golf outings, Spartan races, kayaking and hiking trips, and volunteer service projects. 

Danner highlighted the importance of establishing healthy habits within a firm, with Crowson providing examples of two weekly meetings to support the firm’s goal to value its people and positively influence the world. 

Each Tuesday, any staff is welcome to gather for a voluntary, 15 minute prayer time focused on the community, the world and for each other. Every Friday the attorneys take turns presenting on various topics of professional value. 

Crowson states he is “proud to be a part of a firm known as leaders in the legal field and in creating a healthy culture. To be called “cutting-edge” is not something you hear often in the legal field, so to hear this define the firm I work for is very humbling and makes me very grateful.” 

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