A South Carolina native and former computer programmer, Jay Thompson brings 16 years of legal expertise and leadership to Murphy & Grantland.  His vision extends beyond providing excellent legal service to investing in the M&G goals of making a lasting impact through a culture of integrity and leadership.  According to Thompson, leadership can be described in many ways, but a vivid example for him is depicted in Jocko Willink and Leif Babin’s Extreme Ownership – the success of the team and organization rides on the leader. 

Excellence in service to Thompson is “how you interact with people when not being paid for it, because you consider them important….it is more than just completing the job but anticipating what your client needs to be better….working together as a community to meet others needs.” 

Thompson’s priority of faith and family first, his humble and kind demeanor, may make many underestimate his achievements in the field. Thompson touts the blue-collar work ethic he was raised on as a key in his success as an attorney and in his 1st amendment, US Supreme Court work.  Along with his published briefs, he is most proud of the ability to speak on behalf of clients who cannot speak for themselves. Products Liability will be the main practice area for Thompson. However, If you need a partner in problem-solving or brainstorming, this challenging work is where Thompson thrives. 

Thompson is eager to impart his technical expertise and practical leadership to M&G’s Litigation Defense College (LDC). His words to the future generation of lawyers: “keep your priorities central while being flexible”. Although using brute force is often championed in the field, Thompson explains, flexibility, keeping the big picture in focus in the midst of demands, will provide creativity for problem solving and success in the long run. 

Although an outdoorsman at heart, Thompson and his wife Debbie, of 19 years, spend most of their free time supporting their three high-school aged daughters in their activities and on Sunday mornings, teaching youth group at First Presbyterian church, where he also serves as an elder.

Murphy & Grantland is privileged to welcome Jay Thompson to the team.