Murphy & Grantland shareholder Anthony Livoti moderated a discussion at the annual meeting of the International Association of Defense Counsel in Quebec on July 11.

Attorneys Bruce McIntosh and Erik Snapp joined Livoti for the session entitled “Plan for Success: Mediation Strategies.”

Mediation is a topic Livoti loves to write about and discuss. An excerpt from an article Livoti authored for the IADC Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee newsletter:

“Oftentimes the mediation may be the first time a plaintiff hears they have problems with their case. Which way do you think is more persuasive and would lead to resolving the case: antagonizing and demeaning a plaintiff or pointing out weaknesses in their case in a respectful and measured way?”

Anthony W. Livoti is a certified mediator at Murphy & Grantland. Livoti splits his time between defending businesses and individuals against civil claims and the alternative dispute resolution.