The shareholders of Murphy & Grantland proudly support firm attorneys who give of their time to pro bono causes. A recent example is worthy of note.

Tim Newton answered a call to serve from Advocates International. At a moment’s notice, Tim quickly drafted  an amicus (friend of the court) brief for the United State’s Supreme Court on behalf of a Christian man from China who was seeking asylum in Denver, CO. Read more: “The Persecution of Ting Xue” From The Weekly Standard.

The legal wrangling has now finally come to an end and Mr. Ting Xue has been granted asylum by the Federal Board of Immigration Appeal.

Here is an excerpt of a thank you note sent to Tim.

Your efforts were truly in all the best traditions of pro bono service, the ADF Allied Attorney program, and our calling to honor God by seeking justice for his people.

Nathaniel Bruno
Alliance Defending Freedom

Access the complete amicus brief submitted to the Unites States Supreme Court.

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