Murphy & Grantland received five USC law students for the 2022 summer clerkship. Drew Balcerzak (2L), Gracie Fowler (1L), Katherine Kristinik (1L), J.D. Jacobus (1L), and Tradd Stover (2L).

Experiencing a mock trial was a first for Stover, who found the jury room, how the jurors deliberate, and the legal strategies that are most persuasive, extremely insightful. The practical legal experience of Stover’s clerkship “seemed daunting at first”, but he quickly gained confidence in researching, legal speak, and writing memos. 

Kristinik and Balcerzak both conducted research for shareholder Rett Kendall and according to Kristinik, she valued the deposition experience, preparing a witness, and seeing the process full circle. “Feeling included in attorney experiences, attorneys taking time to answer questions and bring us to proceedings, helped us grow,” Kristinik explained. Volunteering with attorneys and staff outside of the firm with the EZE farms service project was also a rewarding experience for Kristinik, who enjoyed seeing the attorneys in a different light. 

For Balcerzak, his most challenging assignment involved writing a coverage opinion for founder J.R. Murphy. Balcerzak explains he “felt out of his element”, diving into the weeds of insurance policy and reviewing case law, but now has both the knowledge and confidence to read a policy correctly. Balcerzak’s favorite assignment involved shadowing an associate in magistrate’s court and seeing the action first hand. Of course, a stop at the Atomic Cafe on the way home added to the exciting events of the day. 

For Folwer, she also valued the real lawyering experience, watching motions being argued, depositions and mediations, as well as the Emotional Intelligence Training. The EI training helped Fowler “learn more about effective communication and interaction”. 

“Culture”, according to Balcerzak, “is a word in every organization, but the intentionality of M&G did not happen by accident. It was fostered from the top down”. Stover, reiterated Balcerzak’s word of “intentional”, as he explained the atmosphere of M&G. “M&G is intentional about who they hire – from the paralegals to partners to anyone on staff, they have the attributes of being capable and smart, yet kind, giving, and willing to help”.

M&G is grateful for excellent law clerks and the contributions they made this summer. To learn more about clerkship opportunities, email