RICHBARNEWSThe January – March 2018 edition of RichBarNews includes an article written by Murphy & Grantland attorney Henry Deneen. The newsletter of the Richland County Bar Association published “Emotional Intelligence: Your Firm, Your Family and You.”

Since returning to private practice in South Carolina in 2016, Deneen has become an emotional intelligence leader within the state’s legal community. He regularly provides seminars and training for attorneys and law school students across the state.

An excerpt from Deneen’s piece:

EI is divided into two categories – Personal Competence and Social Competence. Personal Competence is comprised of Self-Awareness and Self-Management, while Social Competence is comprised of Social Awareness and Relationship Management. These descriptors enable us to focus on ourselves first, which is critical to this process. Self-understanding is often overlooked and unaddressed as we seek to improve relationships but can be one of the greatest hindrances to effective growth.

Henry L. Deneen is a civil defense litigator and certified mediator with M&G. Before joining the firm he served as President of Greater Europe Mission, during which time he earned a Doctorate in Executive Leadership, with a focus on emotional intelligence. Since earning his J.D., his career stops included service as a Municipal Judge in West Columbia and Chief Legal Counsel for South Carolina Governor David M. Beasley.